"I aim to display each image as a piece of art that you not only see, but experience" - b

Authentic moments are fascinating, ephemeral and difficult to capture. Faster than a New York minute, a real moment is gone. 

Ben Draper found inspiration and wisdom in arresting these images. Wandering through New York streets, Ben honed his instincts for finding life. But before his still-photos could beckon us to a broader and richer life, Ben had to dare see beyond: breaking past the threshold of conceived normalcy. 

Born in Australia, raised in Maine, cut-his-teeth in New York, and meditated in Los Angeles, all-after professional stints in downhill ski racing and international basketball, Ben’s life has been decidedly beyond the norm. Whether crossing-over and pulling up for a jumper against NBA superstars or topping out at speeds over 70mph on his skis, Ben has made a life of pursuing intense moments at their most critical point, completely doing away with the mundane. What we are left with is a man possessed of a vision for life at its zenith and a body of work that quickens the heartbeat. 

His extensive portfolio has been featured in galleries from New York to LA, published in the L.A. Times, Bloomberg and on Vogue.com. Having worked with top brands like Nike, David Yurman, RRL, the Jordan brand, and numerous A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Michael Douglas, its clear Ben is highly trusted and regarded. 

Ben currently resides in Los Angeles and if he isn’t hunting for a sublime shot, he is riding his café-racer between DTLA and Venice Beach